Luxembourg, July 2012

I’m Tara, and I created this blog to document my adventures in travel and expat living. I live in Heidelberg, Germany with my husband Chris, and I tend to jump at any opportunity to travel.

I lived in Ann Arbor, MI for undergrad and studied for a summer in Guanajuato, Mexico. After getting married, Chris and I lived in Cambridge, England for a year, worked and went to graduate school in Cambridge, Massachusetts for 5 years, and moved to Heidelberg, Germany at the end of 2011 for Chris’s job. We are trying to take advantage of living in Europe a second time by learning new (and funny) things about being expats in Germany and traveling as much as we can.

I’ll keep you updated on our expat and travel adventures here.

Zell am See, Austria, Feb 2012


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  1. Heidelberg is charming, and you’re in a great location for travel–especially with the well-connected train system throughout Europe! So–are you sprechen that Deutsch, yet?

    • Langsam… (Slowly…)
      But, each week, I can see improvements. Considering I moved here only knowing a handful of words, I’m definitely making progress. I constantly mess up when I’m in public, but it makes for fun things to post about on my blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh, your blog has been such a saving grace for me. And to think, I ran into it by chance! My husband and I will be moving to Germany {likely Heidelberg or Mannheim} this September for his job. It’s very new, so I’m in the info-gathering mode.

    I would *love* to hear more about how you got acclimated {what you wish you knew, anything you wished you had brought/left in the States, how do you do simple things like get phone/internet or find doctors, is there an expat community, etc}.

    Let me know if you have time to email!

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