Returning to my German lifestyle

I am back in Germany after spending 2 weeks in the U.S. for my sister’s wedding. I loved seeing my family, eating delicious food, and enjoying some comforts from home.

It took me quite a few days to recover from my jetlag, and now, I feel like I’m back to living my German life. Autumn is the only season I have not lived through in Germany yet, so I’m trying to embrace it by enjoying the temperate weather, going to wine harvest festivals, and eating local produce.

Heidelberg in the fall

Today, it was 70 F (21 C) by noon and just a beautiful afternoon to be outside. Chris and I enjoyed one of our favorite weekend pastimes by going to the outdoor market and food and wine shops across the river in Neuenheim. Chris decided that we will make boeuf bourguignon tonight, so we strolled through the neighborhood to collect what we needed.

We started at the market where Chris verbally gave a list, one by one, of 10 or so vegetables that we wanted to the woman at one of the vegetable stands. “400 Gramm Pilze,” Chris said for 400 grams of mushrooms. I was relieved he had remembered to convert the amounts from our American recipe into grams, because after my vacation in the U.S., I had forgotten that we needed to do that!

Our next stop was to the butcher for beef. It’s very difficult for us to figure out what cuts of meat are being sold. Not only do we need to know food words, but we need to know animal body parts, too. So, I thought it was smart when Chris told the woman in German that we are making boeuf bourguignon and asked her what cut would be best for it. Without hesitating, she held up what we needed, and we paid for it. (I’m actually still not sure what kind of cut it is!)

We walked across the street to a wine shop, where I stayed outside to hold our purchases and Chris went in to buy some wine for the stew.

Our last stop, my favorite, was a few doors down at the French bakery.

Warm croissants had just come out of the oven, and as we enjoyed them on the street in the late-October sunshine, I couldn’t help but be happy with my German lifestyle: fresh vegetables, meat, wine, croissants, and some exciting European trips just up ahead. I’m getting used to this.


4 responses to “Returning to my German lifestyle

  1. Thanks so much as always for the lovely pictures of whatt is now also my life in Northern Germany. I’m doing very good at my language skills and am amazed at that since I’m now 63. Germany is a lovely place.

  2. That looks lovely – and mouth watering!
    But you know that you can also buy by the pound, right? Only that for us a pound is 500 gr – not a huge difference. (just in case you forget to convert again 😉 )

  3. Looks like you and Chris had a great day at the market and hope your meal came out real good! So good to see you and Chris two weeks ago. You both look great! Love you, Gram

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