Barcelona: Candy Land and the colors of Parc Güell

Parc Güell in Barcelona is a park designed by Antoni Gaudí and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally established to be a 60-lot housing development in the early 1900s, it instead became a municipal garden that is free to the public.

After getting off the metro, you have to walk about 20 minutes, most of it up hill. I found out afterwards that there is a street with escalators, which is not sign posted. Look for it on the left before you make the hike uphill in the summer!

The entrance to the park was worth the exhaustion. The two buildings that greet you look like two houses straight out of the game Candy Land.

The Parc Güell entrance reminds me of Candy Land.

Part of the park reminded me of a pre-historic dinosaur landscape with its rocks and flora. The heat and hiking in the park made me feel like I was in the desert.

The other part of the park was what I was expecting with Gaudí’s mosaic tile work. There is a beautiful lookout point with tiled benches where you can see Barcelona and the water below and beyond.

Bench tile details

We also walked underneath the lookout point, which featured Gaudí’s tile work on the ceiling.

When traveling, it seems appropriate to blend into your surroundings. I knew the colors in the park would be vibrant and fun to look at, and as such, I planned my outfit to fit the environment. Usually, I’m not quite so literal, but being inspired by the tiles and colors, I got to brightly mix my clothes and glass jewelry to go with the lively feel of the park and artwork.

Taking a “break” in a shop on the way up the hill to the park.

I went to Spain in August 2012, visited Bilbao, San Sebastián, Figueres, and Girona for the first time, and returned to Barcelona


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