Sunday tourists in Heidelberg

Having been forced out of our apartment last weekend, Chris and I took to being tourists in our own city, Heidelberg, Germany.

Usually, I love spending my German Sundays at home or by the river when the city is so quiet. In fact, I rarely wander down the Hauptstraße (Main Street), since most of the stores are closed. I found that further down by the Holy Ghost Church and castle, though, many tourist stores, cafes, and restaurants are open and humming with just the right Sonntag activity.

Marktplatz with the Rathaus on the left

I scoped out a couple of the shops for future gifts, and we wandered down quiet streets behind the Hauptstraße.

We also visited the Church of the Holy Spirit in the central Marktplatz.

The Church of the Holy Spirit and the Marktplatz

Church ceiling

Construction on the church began in the 1400s, though the original church was destroyed in a fire. The church was rebuilt in the 1700s. What was most interesting to discover was that in the early 1700s, there was a partition separating the church into two: one side was for the Protestants and one was for Catholics. Sometimes, they each held services at the same time. The wall was removed in 1936.

We spent the rest of the afternoon working, writing, and reading at a sunny outdoor cafe watching the real tourists and locals pass us by.

It was a different German Sunday than I was used to, but it was a nice change to be on the other side of the city and to slow down and be a Sunday tourist in Heidelberg.

A slow Sunday stroll on the Hauptstraße: perfekt!


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