A Heidelberg home repair turns us into tourists

Last Saturday afternoon in my Heidelberg, Germany apartment, I turned on the kitchen water faucet to find no water. Our two other taps were not spouting any out either, so Chris went downstairs to investigate..

Taped to the front door of the building, he found a note that, when translated, told us that a pipe had broke and that there would be no water in the building until Monday.

How could the house master let this problem go unfixed for 48 hours? I’m not sure if it is difficult (or expensive) to find a plumber on the weekend or why there was a delay with fixing the pipe. Regardless, we needed water for the weekend.

We decided to check into a hotel. If we hadn’t had plans with friends on Saturday night, it would have been a nice opportunity to go to another city. But we live in a pretty great place as it is, and it’s always nice to see it in a new way: this time as a tourist.

We found a last-minute hotel called the Hip Hotel, located on the Hauptstraße near the Universitätsplatz. The Hauptstraße is the pedestrian, mile-long “Main Street” in Heidelberg with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Each room is themed to be a different city or country in the world. We were in Göteberg, Sweden, and the room was very clean and well decorated. Upon check in, the man at the front desk took us over to hotel’s German restaurant, Zum Güldenen Shaf, for a complimentary drink. He told us that the region was known for its beer and white wine, and we chose to take on the role of tourists by not letting him know that we live just down the street.

Our room overlooked the Hauptstraße, which was nice during the day, but super noisy late into Saturday night. It made me thankful that I do not live there regularly.

We returned home on Monday morning and found water coming out of our faucets. While it felt good to be home, it was a special experience to be able to spend a weekend on the other side of our city.

In my next post, I will tell you about my time being a tourist on Sunday in Heidelberg.


6 responses to “A Heidelberg home repair turns us into tourists

  1. I’m never too sure about haus meister in our building. Sometimes there is a foul oder from the pipes that noone seems to know where it comes from. Life in Germany!!

  2. MMMMmmmm, that beer looks good. What’s the Heidelberger? Local brew?

    It’s good you found a place to stay. I pictured “No Vacancy” signs (or whatever it would be in German) everywhere during the summer.

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  4. Wow, maybe these water problems are more common than I thought! On several occasions we lost water in our apartment. Once it was actually planned and lasted a few days… We had to get water from a temporary spout in the hall. And we showered at my husband’s work.

    • Wow, several times? That’s awful! I don’t understand why it takes so long to fix. I considered for a second how much water we’d have to carry from Rewe in order to stay here, but luckily, Chris was already looking for a hotel. It was a nice treat.

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