Travel books and inspirations

Travel resources keep evolving, which help me get better ideas for places to go and things to see and eat.

I was recently inspired to go to San Sebastián, Spain this summer.

When I lived in Cambridge, MA, for travel inspiration, I would go to the local bookstore in Harvard Square during my lunch hours and scour each brand of book about my planned location. I almost always bought a Frommer’s guidebook after getting used to the format.

My move to Heidelberg, Germany kicked me out of my old routine. I am now a big fan of buying electronic guidebooks. Chris and I can both have them on our Kindles and, even better, on our iPhones. We bought two Frommer’s guidebooks this year from Amazon and have loved being able to use the highlight and bookmark features. Above all, we don’t have to carry around heavy books when traveling. We just use our phones. The e-books are also nice for when plans change unexpectedly and we find ourselves somewhere without internet access.

I’ve recently taken to looking for advice from my fellow bloggers. Many of them are locals who provide photos and reasons why I should see (or eat in) their cities. Others are travelers who stumble upon hidden gems. I’ve found some very helpful pages that made my recent travels even more memorable and gave me ideas for future trips.

I was honored last week while I was on vacation in Spain to be nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award from Expatially Mexico.

I’ve decided to pass this award onto bloggers who have enhanced my recent trips with their honest, helpful, and welcomed advice. Thank you to the writers below for your sightseeing, travel, and culinary tips.

I started writing my blog in order to keep in touch with my family. Although, I hope along the way, my posts may inspire others with their travel plans or expat adventures.

If you have a travel bug and are looking for some inspiration, I’ll be writing about my recent trips to Spain and the Black Forest soon. And, if you’re an expat looking to feel better about yourself, I’m bound to have some more mishaps in Germany happen the next time I walk out of my apartment.


2 responses to “Travel books and inspirations

  1. I had replied a few times about how I enjoy your posts and that my wife and I will be taking our first ever overseas trip. We are now a few weeks away from what is expected to be an unforgettable adventure and thanks to your blog, we made arrangements to stay in Heidelberg for 5 days before heading to Munich (thank you Marriott Reward points).

    There is just an overwhelming number of things to prepare for since we sort of want to “wing it” while we’re there so outside of securing a hotel and rental car, we’re open. We hope to experience Heidelberg as well as using it as a jumping point for some remote excursions as well as possible train trips.

    I’m looking into the German Rail Pass but the uncertainty of being able to purchase one in Germany and using it as a last minute trip excursion without reservations may not be ideal. Have you purchased a German Rail Pass?

    I like your idea of the Frommer’s travel guide for the Kindle and may end up grabbing one to read on the plane or bus.

    We’ll be in Heidelberg the last week of September and would like to treat you and your husband to lunch or dinner as a thank you. My email address should be in your blog’s subscribed list if you’d like to contact me.

    I’m looking forward to your post about the Black Forest, that is definitely on our list of places we’d like to visit.

  2. Tara, thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad to hear you took the advice and went to Figueres. Just having spent time in the western countryside of France, I’d recommend everyone go to the countryside for at least a day trip wherever they go. A whole other, wonderful world to explore! Thanks again!

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