Harrods in London

I typically wouldn’t want to spend my vacation in a department store, but Harrods in London is like no other store I have ever been in. I go to Harrods on every trip I take to London, if only to get something to eat from the magnificent Food Halls.

When I was in London last week, my friend and I started our trip by getting lunch from the Food Halls. They are on the ground floor and have such an elegant, historic ambiance that you will find yourself spending as much time trying to visually take them in as you will in trying to decide what you will eat.

Harrods Food Halls

There is so much to choose from. I like to get something from the sandwich station or a salad. They have several pre-made sandwiches, as well as a hot carving station where you can get a sandwich made to order. The prices seemed to range from £3.95 to £7, which is very reasonable for this quality in London.

I also can’t stay away from the pastry and dessert counters.

You can’t eat purchased food from the Food Halls in the store, but there are benches outside. When we finished eating our sandwiches and olives, it started to pour, so we went back inside to explore more of Harrods. There is an information counter that was staffed by a woman who couldn’t have been more helpful. She gave us tips on the most interesting departments to spend our time.

There were many options, like the Pet Kingdom with puppies on treadmills or the Christmas World. We started in the Harrods Gift Shop, which sells beautiful souvenirs. The Food Halls also sell several items to take home with you, such as Harrods teas, coffees, chocolates, and candies.

I spent some time in the Toy Kingdom, where you can take a picture with one of the giant bears (or you can buy one for around £1,900).

We ended our Harrods experience with afternoon tea. For £12.95, I didn’t find it that much more expensive than other tea houses, especially considering I had a full pot of vanilla tea with two different scones, two jams, and clotted cream. And, above all, I’m not able have this experience any other day of the year.

Afternoon tea at Harrods

On my last day in London, I stopped at Harrods on my way on the Piccadilly Line to the train station to pick up some sandwiches (yes, multiple sandwiches: I stocked up for my long trip back to Heidelberg), a dessert, and pastries for my husband. This is not the first time I’ve made this last-day-in-London stop when I’ve left the city, and I’m certain that it will not be my last.


3 responses to “Harrods in London

  1. Mmhm… That was one scrumptious post! 🙂
    I, too, love Harrods and always made sure I got one of those beautiful jars of Stilton for Christmas.
    Hope your sandwiches kept you good company on your trip!

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