Visiting London during the 2012 Olympics

About a week before the Summer Olympics began in London, a friend from Canada asked me if I wanted to meet her in London during the Olympics. London is one of my favorite cities (perhaps the one I’ve visited the most, yet never lived in), so I jumped at the opportunity to go there.

Tower Bridge decorated for the Olympics

While I didn’t attend any sporting events, it was exciting to see the city lit up for the Olympics. There were decorations everywhere, and I heard the locals admitting to each other that they had, in fact, caught Olympic “fever”.

Window display at a store in Notting Hill

Portabello Road

Olympic flags line Portobello Road

I didn’t run into any trouble as a result of the Olympics. The subway system was a bit more congested, but trains ran very frequently. I actually enjoyed seeing so many tourists, because many of them were decked out in their countries’ colors.

Support for Team GB at Covent Garden

The subway and streets felt incredibly safe. At night, there seemed to be a police officer posted at every half block, so I walked around to see the city illuminated. That day, Team GB had won a few medals, so the city lit up some landmarks, like the London Eye, in red and blue to show their enthusiasm and support for the athletes.

The London Eye in red and blue

It was an exciting time to be there. Though, isn’t it always that way when you have a chance to be in London?


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