Anniversary weekend in Luxembourg

On a whim, I decided we should go somewhere for our 7-year wedding anniversary. Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg, is directly west of Heidelberg and is about a 3-hour journey by train and bus.

Despite the amount of trips I’ve been fortunate enough to take this year, I still hadn’t been to a country that I hadn’t visited before. (Cue the people who slap me into realizing what a ridiculous statement that is.) Regardless, Luxembourg, with it’s proximity, seemed like a good opportunity for us to experience a new, little country. Despite the rainy, 60F (16C) weekend in July, we had a nice time walking around the old city. Our favorite attraction was going to the fortifications that protected the city for hundreds of years and seeing the views of the city they provided.

Inside the fortifications

There are also nice “suburbs” to walk around that are well below the level of the old city. Luckily, there is an elevator to bring you back up to the city level.

Different elevations in Luxembourg

There were a few things I learned on our trip:

  • The country of Luxembourg is only 100 square miles in size.
  • It has its own language, Luxembourgish, which to my ear, sounded like a mix of German and French. Though, in restaurants and shops, people tended to speak French.
  • Most importantly, Luxembourg City has the most Michelin stars per square kilometer than any other city. There are so many tempting restaurants to try, so it’s smart to research and make reservations ahead of time.

I like going to new countries to learn about the customs, culture, and, of course, culinary delights. I think I will go to another new country soon (next week).

One of my favorite parts of learning about a new country is tasting its desserts.


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