Filling in my world map

My travel map continues to evolve. The images below are from mid-July 2012. For an updated version of my interactive travel map, see map.

I’ve recently spent some time completing a Google map with all of the places that I’ve been in the world.

Travel map from July 2012

View updated map

I started it as a way to document my travels, but now I see it’s true potential: To point out places in the world I still need to see.

While I would love to travel more in South America or go to Africa, given our current location, seeing more of Europe is a top priority.

Europe map from July 2012

Within minutes of the map’s completion, Chris and I both found regions without pins that we want to visit while we live here. The Scandinavian countries are enticing (in the summer), Portugal sounds lovely, I heard we should go to Copenhagen for the Christmas market, and look at all of that white space in eastern Europe!

While I am delighted by the amount of places I pinned, this map makes my travel bug itch and wonder, where will we go next?


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