It rained in Edinburgh so we ate a lot of pork

Our last day of a two-night trip to Edinburgh was winter-coat cold and dreadfully rainy. Chris was working for the first part of the day. Because I had to leave our B&B, I spent a good part of the morning in shops and St. Giles Cathedral trying to stay warm and dry.

I met up with Chris, and we were too cold to do much. He had read about a take-out food place called Oink on Victoria St. where they roast an entire hog daily.

Window “display” at Oink on Victoria St., Edinburgh

The only thing on the menu is a pork sandwich. You pick your size (the Piglet, Oink, or Grunter), bread, spread (haggis or stuffing), and topping (apple sauce or chili relish). You can also opt for a piece of crackling.

So happy to be out of the rain enjoying pulled pork

Living in Germany, you may think we’ve had our fill of pork; however, we don’t have the opportunity to have pulled pork very often.

I got the Oink and Chris got the Grunter. The sandwiches were so delicious. I could’ve kept on eating, and I thought that I should’ve gotten the larger size.

The rain was pouring down, so we went to a pub across the street called The Bow Bar, which we were told was one of the best pubs in Edinburgh.

Chris enjoyed a pint while I (should I admit this?) dried my socks under the bathroom hand drier. Back in the main area of the pub, the atmosphere was very warm and exactly what we needed.

The Bow Bar

After we had each warmed up in our own way, we took a walk to the outside of the castle under drizzle and made a stop at the Tartan Factory, both of which were lovely. However, we had a lingering craving that wouldn’t leave us. We needed more pork. After hardly a debate, we decided to make one more stop at Oink before heading to the airport. The pig in the window had gotten smaller, though our desire to eat it had not.

Oink is located at 34 Victoria St. in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to its website, it is open daily from 10am until the pork runs out, so get there early!


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