My brush with royalty in Edinburgh

During my solo day in Edinburgh, I was looking for a historical walking tour. Instead of finding the tour group, I saw a large amount of police officers lining the Royal Mile. I thought, something’s going to happen here.

I started walking down the Royal Mile to gather more clues; though, I forgot that in this English-speaking country, it wouldn’t be as difficult for me as it usually is in Germany to figure out what is going on. I overheard a reporter saying that there was going to be a procession as part of the Diamond Jubilee year ending at the palace to greet Prince Charles and Camilla.

I changed my plans and made my way down the Royal Mile to the palace entrance. There were about 100 people waiting, and a few minutes later, Prince Charles and Camilla walked out of the gate with a few military people.

My paparazzi shot of Prince Charles and Camilla

One woman stood on a bench and yelled, “Camilla!!!! We love you in Texas!!!” Camilla turned around and waved to her.

The music started and soon, a military parade reached us.

Scottish military marching band

The procession continued with other groups of military personnel who were saluted by Prince Charles.

It was fun to change my plans for the afternoon. I can always go on another historical tour in Edinburgh, but the opportunity to see a Diamond Jubilee event and royalty doesn’t happen every day. Unpredictability can be an exciting part of traveling.

Going back to the palace


4 responses to “My brush with royalty in Edinburgh

  1. What a lucky surprise! My closest brush with celebrity, was being on the same plane as the Dalai Lama. I just got a glimpse of his orange robe as he was rushed throughout the departure lounge to his first class seat.

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