German Groupon: 39€ PhD

In Boston, my husband was addicted to Groupon and all other related online-coupon sites. While we had a great time using Groupons in Boston, we had to race in our last 2 months of living there to use all of them that he had bought. Chris set sail literally a few days before his thesis was due because a sailing lesson deal he had bought was set to expire. As we ate our way through Boston, he was working crazy hours finishing his PhD.

You can understand that I was worried about him finding out about German Groupon.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like this will be an issue here in Heidelberg. First, you have to translate the deals which is kind of a pain. Pictures don’t always tell the whole story.

Is this deal for a watch, a German sporting event, or German flags? (Image from

Second, the deals I’ve looked at have been pretty ridiculous. Recently, there was one to earn an honorary doctorate from a Life Development Church for 39€ instead of 150€. Wow, how did they know I always wanted an honorary PhD in Physic Astrology?

Recent deal as shown on

While I poke fun at Chris here, this post is dedicated to him as he completed his PhD this past year. We are celebrating his accomplishment this week.

And, maybe, if I order quickly, next year at this time, you can help me celebrate my 39€ German Groupon PhD.


One response to “German Groupon: 39€ PhD

  1. Congratulations to Chris on his PHD graduation! Hope you are having a great time with family! See you soon

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