German mishaps of the day, May 14th

It wasn’t even noon yet today, and I could already count how many mistakes I had made in German. I was really trying, but everything seemed to come out wrong.

Here are a few of today’s highlights:

Ich möchte ein Termin? 
Meant to say: Do you want me to make a follow-up appointment?
I said: I want an appointment?

Nein, ich bin USA. 
Meant to say: No, I will be in the USA at that time.
I said: No, I am USA.

In June. Sechsundzwanzig?
Wanted to say: I want to come at the end of June. Maybe something around the 26th?
I said: In June (which is English and didn’t translate). 26?

This last one was particularly bad because the woman had to come around the counter to look at the calendar on my phone to figure out what I was trying to say. She finally understood, though, and exclaimed, “Ah, Juni!”

I said: Ja, Juni.
But, I really wanted to say, “Sorry, I haven’t lived here in June, so I don’t know how to say that month’s name in German yet.

Luckily, I have a special 3-hour-long German class tonight. I think I need it…

Keep track of my German-language (mis)acquisition:


7 responses to “German mishaps of the day, May 14th

  1. I’ve totally been there.
    Yet now my German’s pretty good I have the opposite question – I talk too much, just because I can!
    Today, I was looking at perfume in a shop and the perfume counter lady just asked if she could help. Instead of a simple ‘Nein danke, ich gucke nur’, I went into a full explanation about how it’s my boyfriend’s birthday soon and he did like this brand but really it’s rather too vanilla-y for my taste…blah blah blah.
    Part of me inside is screaming ‘SHUT UP!!!!’ 🙂

  2. Came across your blog and had to subscribe. I, too, suffer from a similar case of mutilating the German language while living abroad but somehow getting by. Of course, when I travel to a different foreign speaking country I am certainly fluent in German then. : ) Look forward to your future posts. Nice to know I’m not alone. Cheers!

    • Thanks for following me! You are definitely not alone.
      I agree with what you said about going to other countries. “Danke” has now become my default “Thank you” in every country I go to without even thinking about it!

      • Thanks for your open and honest bloging. I’m in Northern Germany 4 months from California/Oregon ans am 62 years old. So brain does not works so fast. My German husband of 20 years tries to be patient with my learning but I’m sure it ispainful. I’m now havemore hope that all is not lost here. Thanks

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