Heidelberg Castle: Will I ever tire of living in a city with a castle?

When you are an expat living in Europe and you travel somewhere else in Europe, it’s very exciting to come home and STILL be in Europe!

After we went to Italy, Chris and I bid farewell to my parents at the Frankfurt Airport where they were catching a flight to the U.S. the next morning, and we returned by train to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle from northern side of the Neckar

The next day when I went out for a walk, I crossed the river and looked back at the Altstadt (Old Town) and castle. The city looked so beautiful, and I wondered, “Will I ever tire of living in a city with a castle?” Every time I see it, day or night (when it is lit up), I gasp and say to either my companion or myself, “Wow, look at the castle.”

Heidelberg Castle from city level

The Heidelberg castle is up on a hill and has a beautiful facade. When you see it up close, it actually resembles a fort more than a castle because of the years it spent decaying. Regardless, though, it is still a castle.

While my parents were visiting, we decided to go up to tour the castle grounds, and much to my surprise, it was a free castle day, so we did not have to pay to enter or ride the funicular up the hill.

Chris and I are talking about doing more day trips in the area now that the weather is getting nicer, and I think some castle tours will be in the plans.

There are so many castles in Germany. As a non-European, I am enchanted by them. Maybe Disney World helped shape my sense of awe or, more likely, it is their actual beauty, history, and mystique that make them fascinating to me.

Castle wall


6 responses to “Heidelberg Castle: Will I ever tire of living in a city with a castle?

  1. I wouldn’t say you ever get “sick of it”. I definitely don’t notice it like I used to, though. The other day we had friends visiting and I walked through the Karlsplatz with no concept of the castle looming overhead until they all stopped to take pictures of it. I think we have a particularly nice castle. 🙂

  2. One of my concerns about traveling is falling in love with a place and having to muster all I have in order to board the plane back to my normal address. I will be in Germany this fall. Actually the first time flying over seas (not counting Hawaii) and look forward to another land. The magical-ness of Germany intrigues me.

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  4. I love Heidelberg! I don’t think I could EVER get tired of it either! If you are still looking for nearby castles to explore, I have a blog dedicated to documenting as many as I can visit in the areas between Heidelberg and Stuttgart. Check it out if you need some ideas, and I even have google maps link at the end of each post: http://hiddeningermany.blogspot.ca/

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