So hungry you could eat a horse? Go to Verona.

When most people think of Italian food, visions of pasta and pizza swirl in their mind. Though, there are many regional specialties that might be surprising.

Neapolitan-style pizza

Upon arrival to our Verona B&B, the kind owner pointed out several local places for us to eat and told us we had to try the regional specialities of the area: horse and donkey. Yes, surprising to us, but my husband, always one for trying new things, ordered both in our first dinner in Verona.

Pasta with donkey from Verona

I had pappardelle with a duck ragu, which we occasionally make at home; however, in this case, Chris’s pasta with donkey ragu actually had more flavor than what I had ordered.

His second course was horse in a sauce with polenta on the side. I tried a bite of it, and the sauce had a nice taste. The meat’s texture was similar to pork shoulder, though slightly tougher.

Horse with polenta

I don’t think I would order either of these meats as my meal, but I was glad to have an adventurous husband to steal a couple of bites from. Some may be surprised by my own daring meat consumption, but I thought that since they were regional delicacies, I should at least have a bite. I never thought I would eat donkey or horse, but then again, I could have never predicted that my travels would present the opportunity.

View of Verona

Horse consumption is a hot news topic in the U.S. right now. According to The Washington Times, horse-slaughtering facilities were banned in 2006 with a federal budget plan that stripped United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding for their inspection. In late 2011, the ban was lifted and now the USDA is reviewing applications from potential horse slaughter houses.

Americans will still need to travel outside of the country to eat horse, though, as the slaughter houses report that they will sell all horse meat to other countries.

If horse is not your thing, no problem. Verona has several other specialties, including risotto, and my personal favorite, gelato.

One of my favorite Italian foods: gelato


12 responses to “So hungry you could eat a horse? Go to Verona.

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  2. That’s quite something else: horse and donkey meat! Well, my food philosophy says: Don’t judge before you haven’t tried it. So I would be rather curious. LOL.
    But surely, that’s not the typical Italian food you have in mind.
    However that ‘gelato’ .. YUMMY! It looks so delicious!

    • Your judgment comment is right on. The topic came up at a party this weekend when people talked about what they would or would not eat if it was a delicacy in an area. It’s a great game.

      With gelato, the only question is how many scoops (and the answer is always “more”).

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