Sometimes the travel writer travels

My parents visited me for the first time in Germany, and then we went to Italy (which is what I considered my yearly birthday trip), and we had a wonderful time.

Disconnected and wandering the streets of Padova, Italy

When I’m traveling, I like to disconnect as much as I can. Sure, if I have wifi access, I’ll check my email and the weather. I try to avoid Facebook, though. One of my pet peeves is when people make posts throughout their entire honeymoon. I want to shake them and say, “This is your time to spend with your new spouse, not FB!”

I digress.

I didn’t blog while I was away. I jotted down some ideas, took a lot of photos, and hand wrote a couple of drafts before bed. But, I try to make travel a special occasion where I focus as much as I can on immersing myself in a new environment with people I love.

My version of window shopping: Venetian bakery

Since I was not writing on my blog during the trip, I’m excited to tell you more about it in the next few days or weeks (depending on my post-vacation recovery time). Though, I will share some highlights with you now:

  • I took my mom on a German grocery trip, which is always fun(ny) because I’m not always exactly sure what I’m buying.
  • I helped my dad go to a lot of German restaurants, since he loves German food.
  • I planned a trip to take my parents to a country they had never been to before.
  • I went to two new Italian cities (Padova and Verona) and gave another one a second chance.
  • In Italy, my new German skills got in the way of my Spanish skills, which sometimes aid my low-level Italian skills. I ended up being extremely incoherent in all languages.
  • I tasted donkey and horse for the first time but also ate plenty of delicious pizza and pasta.
  • I got to share my new expat lifestyle with my parents.

    Out and about: enjoying Italy in the springtime

    Being disconnected can seem frustrating, but it is also quite liberating. And, after all, isn’t a vacation supposed to be about getting away?


One response to “Sometimes the travel writer travels

  1. Sounds like you all had a great vacation! Looking forward to more blogs and pictures of your vacation.

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