German flashcards (for the depressed)

Before we moved to Germany, my husband found a great online foreign-language flashcard website, The same company has sites for different languages, but obviously, we wanted  German practice.

Instead of making your own index card flashcards, you can go to this website where the words will be displayed for you. You can choose topics or themes, or the site can randomly select words for you based on your level. For an extra charge, you can even hear the audio for each word.

The company also sends you a daily sentence through email, and this is where the depressing part comes in. I don’t know who they hired to create the sentences, but some sentences are pretty disturbing and make me think the guy has been going through some sort of break up or something for the past year. I can never see myself using a lot of these sentences (I hope), but they provide Chris and me with daily entertainment. I thought I would share some of my favorites that has sent to me:

  • Gestern habe ich meinen Bruder im Gefängnis besucht.
  • Yesterday I’ve visited my brother in prison.
  • Ich frage mich wieso meine Frau immer runder geworden ist, seit wir geheiratet haben.
  • I wonder why my wife gets rounder and rounder, since we married.
  • Mir tut der Schwachkopf, der sich in dich verliebt jetzt schon leid.
  • I pity the fool that falls in love with you.
  • Ich möchte Schluss machen. Wir können aber Freunde bleiben.
  • I want to split up. But we can still be friends.
  • “Du bist so undankbar!”, sagte er wütend.
  • “You are so ungrateful!”, he said angrily.
  • Mein Leben war vollkommen bevor ich dich traf! 
  • My life was perfect before I met you!
My husband especially likes when I practice this sentence on him:
And, finally, (don’t tell him, but) I have put this one in Chris’s permanent sentence rotation:
At least the depressed flashcard writer got one useful sentence written this year!

5 responses to “German flashcards (for the depressed)

  1. I totally laughed out loud! The opener for the post cards was perfect. Not what I would of expected, ever, from a language teaching company. It hit my funny bone just right. Thank you for my laugh today.

  2. That’s hilarious, thanks for posting it! I work as an English and German teacher in Mexico, and sometimes it is rather hard to stay serious when reading those queer sentences nobody in their right mind would use…
    Well, I am glad you know how to say you gonna visit your brother in prison! 😀

  3. I have a daily calendar on my desk at work from Living language and it’s been pretty useful for phrases that I could actually use like:

    “Ich habe Sie nicht verstanden”
    – I didn’t understand you

    “Ich trinke meinen Kaffee schwarz”
    – I drink my coffee black

    “Sprechen Sie doch bitte etwas lauter”
    – Please speak a little louder

    Which was followed the next day by:

    “Das is zu laut!”
    – That is too loud!

  4. I just moved to Germany myself so thanks for the info on these free flash cards! I hope to never hear “Mein Leben war vollkommen bevor ich dich traf!” but I guess if I do at least I will know what he is saying 😉

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