German hardware stores

I told my mom the title of this blog post, and she said, “Again with the hardware stores?” I assured her, it’s not what you think.

WordPress has some pretty nice ways to track who is coming to your site. I have been delighted to find out that many people are finding my blog through Google and other search engines. However, I am not coming up on any searches about “expat living in Germany” or “German travel blog.”

No, most people find me by Googling “German hardware stores.”

My local hardware store

On December 19, 2011, I published a post titled, Tara ventures into the German hardware store, which was about me being awkward with my lack of German skills and inability to determine how much a meter was when I bought a tape measure. I feel so sorry for these people each week on Google or Bing who are trying to find German hardware stores and, instead, get this long rambling of an American, 2 weeks into living in Germany, stumbling through a German hardware store.

I guess I don’t feel that bad, though, because, as a result of Google’s faith in my ability to explain “German hardware stores,” my stats have increased significantly. In fact, I even decided I would name this post with that exact search term in the hope of attracting new readers.

Dear new reader,
If you would like to discuss the Bauhaus or other home improvement topics, please leave a comment below. However, I do have a lot more to offer than just hardware store advice. I hope you will give me a chance and read some of my other posts. People tend to like Sundays in Germany and Becoming a Lady of Leisure, though I can try to write more posts for expat home repair in the future if that would suit your interests.

Thanks for giving me a chance,


5 responses to “German hardware stores

  1. I found you through “Living in Germany” Expat Blog section. I kept looking for someone from the US that had interesting tales to tell about fitting into the German lifestyle. There are plenty of blogs to chose from but so many are out of date, boring or poorly written. I may be repeating myself from a previous comment but your blog is fun to read and you take time to compose a post with accompanying pictures and captions.

    If it means that I comment more on hardware store related posts for you to keep posting, then I’m happy to do it. 🙂

    Are you an “Amazing Race” fan? They finally stopped in Germany, visited Neuschwanstein Castle which we are hoping to see when we visit this fall.

    • Thanks for your comment! I do like “The Amazing Race,” but I haven’t watched the current season yet. I was recently inspired by a previous season where they went to Prague, so I’m hoping to go there soon. I also love watching when they go to places I’ve been.

  2. Hi Tara, I found you on this website:
    I think I googled ‘expat blog in Germany’ or something like that. I only found your blog the other day though and haven’t had much time to go through it all, although so far it’s good and I can relate to a lot of what you write! I’m an Australian living in Göttingen and after living here for a year now… I still struggle with the transition sometimes! Oh and Tim, the Neuschwanstein Castle is a must see and the drive out is just beautiful! Alright, I better go and get ready for my Deutch classes!

    • The images from The Amazing Race were breathtaking when they got to the castle. The snow, the mountains… wow. It looked like one of the towers was under renovation at the time they filmed the episode (maybe early winter?). There is another castle right next to it and many of the racers went to the wrong castle.

    • Thanks for your comment and for reassuring me that I will not have to turn my blog into a site for home repair! 🙂 I’m glad to hear how you found me, and I hope you are enjoying Göttingen!

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