My warmest winter yet?

This past winter spent in Heidelberg, which is in southern Germany, is probably the runner up for the place I have lived with the warmest winter. From memory, Chris and I estimate that the winter we lived in Cambridge, England was slightly warmer.

If you’ve been to either of these places, you’ll agree that it’s pretty pathetic that I am happy about the “warmth” I’ve experienced in these winters. I have never liked cold weather, but people always say to me, “Oh, you’re from Michigan, so you’re used to cold weather.”

This is false. You never get “used” to it. I long for a winter spent in real warmth. (Question to husband: Can you get a job on the equator? If not, I am also open to Costa Rica.)

My hatred for winter may be the reason why I was born on the first day of spring. It was 14 days after my mom’s due date, which means even as a fetus, I was smart enough to avoid winter. Nowadays, I just need to be clever enough to invest in proper winter gear (e.g. a winter coat designed by Canadians).

I have many memories of my coldest or snowiest winters, including last year in Boston when we received over 7 feet of snow, which you can see in the following photos.

This winter, we had about two weeks of freezing cold, and that was enough for me.

The Neckar froze two days this winter. Obviously, Chris took this picture as I was indoors.

Church tower on the Haupstrasse.

Since the beginning of March, the weather has generally been in the 50sF (+10C), and I’m not complaining. I thought it meant spring was here. Though, from what I’ve heard, it’s usually not this warm yet.

I’ve been spending more time outdoors, and my ladies of leisure friends and I have been meeting by the river for lunch.  I enjoyed a day last week when I could walk around the city in the sunshine.

Neckar on a sunny day. You can tell I took this picture because it was warm outside.

Heidelberg is not quite Costa Rica, but I will enjoy any winter that does not involve the phrases, “wind chill” or “below freezing.”


3 responses to “My warmest winter yet?

  1. I’m in Connecticut and this has been the mildest winter I can remember. As you pointed out, last year was brutal so going from one extreme to another is jarring and sometimes I don’t know where I am. I think we had a total of 10″ this winter spread out over four different “events”. Of course, this being New England, I should keep my trap shut because we can easily get walloped in April.

    Your pictures of Heidelberg are beautiful. It must be impossible to take a picture that wouldn’t be good enough on the cover of a travel magazine. I can only imagine what it must be like in the spring and summer months and I’m sure you’re looking forward to it too.

    Are there many hiking trails around Heidelberg? The surrounding mountains look perfect for some serious hiking.

    • Thank you for the link. I found out we’ll be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Heidelberg for a couple days when we first arrive in Germany so I’m excited having that be our first stop.

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