After a trip to the US for Christmas, we came back to Germany for the end of our 2-month international move. Our belongings were finally in a German port and the lease on our new apartment had finally begun.

One catch: A week with no internet or phone.

Ten to 15 years ago, that wouldn’t have sounded so crazy to an international traveler, but last week, I felt very vulnerable. How would I look up how to make a sandwich order for lunch? When would I know what time to catch a tram at? How would I keep my readers informed of my daily German mishaps on my blog?????

When you are disconnected, you have to be very organized and plan ahead. Chris and I would make plans to meet in the evening after work. The exact location and time had to be determined. (Conveniently, our meeting spot is typically inside H&M.) This is how things used to be, and we must have been a lot more patient then. Now, if someone’s running late, the other person will send a text. Want to change the meeting location? No problem.

While our phones are currently being shipped to us, we finally have temporary internet access as we wait for something more permanent to be connected. It’s a USB stick that gives you internet. How neat is that?

One catch: It can only be used on one computer at a time. I am happy to report there have been no domestic disputes yet. I have resorted to typing my blogs offline in Word while I wait to upload them when it’s my turn for the internet. I also now have access to Skype and Google Voice, so I can be contacted.

Until the phones arrive, Chris and I will continue to meet at our regular spot. And, what good timing- there are a lot of post-Christmas sales going on now.


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