My modern German neighborhood: elephants and botany

Our temporary apartment is located on the University campus, but not the historic campus in the city center. We are on a New Campus further away from the center where there was land to build more. From what I can gather (my language skills still aren’t very useful), this seems to be a medical, technical, and science part of the campus. I could be totally wrong, but here’s what I have to go on: 

Our building is 6 years olds, but the campus has buildings on it that look older (50 years old or so).

Our neighborhood

I took a walk to look at some of the architecture. I came across some great finds. First, we live right next door to the botanical gardens. I can see the greenhouses from our balcony, but I didn’t know that there are gardens that are open to the public. Once the rain stops, I’ll have to take a walk through them. Though, I don’t know what will be be happening in December.


There is a statue outside of the gardens with the hills in the background.

Then, I got to my favorite neighborhood spot, the Heidelberg Zoo.

The zoo is only a half mile away, and I’m excited to go test out some new vocabulary words: Elefant (elephant), Zebra (zebra), and Affe (monkey).

I really need to enroll in a language course in January…  or join some sort of safari German club where my new vocabulary will come in handy.


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