Christmas Markets: Strasbourg

A great part of visiting or living in Europe in December is the abundance of Christmas markets. Saturday, we went to Strasbourg, France on a day trip with some friends.

On a side street decorated for Christmas

The market was very crowded. I read that it is one of the most popular French markets and is dubbed the “Capital of Christmas” in France. In the future, I would try to go on a weekday, if possible. There were several different markets set up, and we only got through a few of them. There are also a lot of shops that sell pretty cookery items.

Strasbourg cathedral

There was an abundance of great Christmas market food. In addition to vin chaud (hot wine), you can get hot orange juice and hot chocolate. Unlike the markets I’ve been to in Germany where hot drinks are served in mugs (which you pay a deposit on), here, they are served in plastic cups, which wasn’t as ecological and it was kind of hard to hold without gloves. They had pretzels and waffles, though we got a crepe at a stand in Place Broglie that is there year round, which was fabulous. We got one there last year when we were in Stasbourg (in non-Christmas market time).

We had a great Alsatian dinner that included a stewed dish called Baeckoffe, which I had never had before, but really enjoyed. I really like Strasbourg, and I love the fact that we can just go to France for the day. This was the first of many day trips for us.


One response to “Christmas Markets: Strasbourg

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful photos. I keep forgeting my camera when I go out here in Northern Germany. Now I will make more of an effort. My friends in US keep asking>

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