Hallo Deutschland! (Hello Germany!)

Chris and I moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Heidelberg, Germany at the beginning of December 2011 for his new job. We were excited to live somewhere new (although, we loved the Boston area) and were happy to have the opportunity to live in Europe again. Although, this time, it will be much different since it will be for a longer time and in a foreign language for us.

Temporary housing

Our temporary apartment is really quite nice and better than I expected. It’s great space and laid out well with IKEA-like modern furnishings. It’s at the University Guesthouse.

Though, there are a few quirky things (to us). An example is the small refrigerator under the countertop. Chris noted that I won’t be freezing large quantities of soup here, like I did in Boston. Also, the bed is composed of 2 twin mattresses pushed together with a wooden gap in the middle. We each have our own twin duvet cover, too(I’ve seen this before in European hotels), butI ran into a problem on our first night when I didn’t turn the heat up high enough and my feet couldn’t reach over to Chris’s for warmth without me falling in the mattress gap. Since then, I have turned the heat up.

Permanent apartment search

We are in the process of looking for a permanent place, since our furniture is slated to be here by the end of the month! If we don’t have an apartment set up yet, our belongings will wait at a dock for us.

I don’t know how people made international moves like this without the internet– or more precisely, I should say without Google Chrome with a built in translator. We’ve been using it daily. The translations can be pretty funny, like this one which was a response in German from a rental agent to us. It translated to:

Dear Dr. […],

Thank you for your inquiry. As an investment, we will send you
our synopsis with the home address.

We ask you a personal picture (or via Google Earth
To make Google Maps) from the location of the house. If the situation not for you to come in question, please let us know.

At first, we thought the agent wanted a picture of Chris, then we think he wanted to send us a picture of the outside of the apartment building so we could find it easier. It turned out that this apartment (we discovered once we went inside) did not have an oven. The owner seemed to think it was normal to cook off a two-burner electric cooktop and a microwave. Tara’s Bistro and Bakery does not agree.

The apartment was in a nice neighborhood, so at least Chris and I had a nice walk despite the bad luck with the apartment.

Weststadt neighborhood:


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